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A familiar theme, this time in Sanskrit

November 30, 2011

इन्दीवरेण नयनं मुखमम्बुजेन कुन्देन दन्तमधरं नवपल्लवेन |
अङ्गानि चम्पकदलैश्च विधाय वेधाः कान्ते कथं रचितवानुपलेन चेतः ||

indīvareṇa nayanaṃ mukham ambujena
kuntena jantam adharaṃ navapallavena |
aṅgāni campakadalaiś ca vidhāya vedhāḥ
kānte kataṃ racitavān upalena cetaḥ ||

His eye of the blue, his mouth of the watery lotus,
his tooth of jasmine, his lip of the tender leaf,
and of magnolia-petals the Maker made his limbs —
in my love how then did He craft a heart of stone?

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  1. linebrick permalink*
    November 30, 2011 6:01 am

    possibly my favorite palimpost so far.

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