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Ibycus 287

February 10, 2012

Ἔρος αὖτε με κυανέοισιν ὑπὸ
βλεφάροις τακέρ’ ὄμμασι δερκόμενος
κηλήμασι παντοδαποῖς ἐς ἀπει-
ρα δίκτυα Κυπριδος ἐσβάλλει.
ἦ μὰν τρομέω νιν ἐπερχόμενον,
ὦστε φερέζυγος ἵππος ἀεθλοφόρος ποτὶ γήρᾳ
ἀέκων σὺν ὄχεσφι θοοῖς ἐς ἅμιλλαν ἔβα.

Eros again, under darkened
eyelids meltingly glancing his eyes,
with spells & all kinds of them into the bound-
less nets of the Cyprian hurls me —
Ah yes! and I tremble at him & his entrance
just as a yoke-bearing horse, a prize-winner, unto old age
unwilling with chariot swift comes into the contest.

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